Details About Our System
We will be presenting our Patent Pending, fully automated system to many interested parties (Hedge funds, Investment bankers, etc.) for bidding on a full purchase of the system or a lease arrangement beginning in January, 2017.

This system was proven to generate an average short term returns (1 to 3 days) of 1% to 10% .  Since these returns are extremely high we will be offering a test period whereby an interested party will receive the final trade suggestions on a daily basis for a period of time and will be able to verify the system’s performance into the future.  Note that this system can handle daily trades in the range of $100 million.

System description:

This system analyzes on a daily basis all stocks traded on US exchanges, it also has a specific module that specializes in trading Earning announcements within hours prior to the announcements.

System functionality:

On any trading day, at 2:30PM the system summarizes the day’s results, backs up the data and prepares for a new trading day.   Between 3:00PM and 3:50PM the system runs its various tasks.   At 3:50PM the system presents its suggested trades for the day with a complete set of instructions as to: What to trade, Trade Direction, Quantity, Risk level and much more.

System features:

After activating the system at 2:30PM it runs in a fully automatic mode with minimal to no need for manual intervention.
The system is updated throughout the day, a special update takes place after the market closes in preparation for the next trading day.
The system grades itself on daily basis relative to its results and their accuracy and applies this data to its internal modules, this increases the system overall performance.
The system utilizes its own databases with data which was collected and processed by its own modules.
This system runs on any Windows base processors (additional information will be provided)