Large Fund Trading System
We are Isaac Zemelman and Robin Johnston with On The Pulse Investing, LLC, formed in 2010.  We have spent the better part of 15 years building a Patent Pending proprietary stock market trading system designed to analyze the US markets as a whole and to select growth and value stocks for trading every day in equities.   This unique software is made for trading large capital daily while maintaining much higher than average daily gains.  This fully executable process has been tested and proven to work well in a large fund environment.
The system core is designed to analyze stocks in US markets for trading opportunities long or short.  We do not trade options nor do we day trade.  The ultimate goal was to eliminate the time it takes for human analysis while maintaining accuracy and a high percentage of profit.  It is fully developed and can be easily customized for your unique needs. With the touch of a button, it operates every day and is updated every day with evolving algorithms to keep up with and stay ahead of a complex and changing market while managing risk.  This robust system is designed to be utilized by an exclusive user with the ability to handle high volumes.  It automatically calculates everything regarding what to trade, number of shares and includes an impressive exit directive program to capitalize on gains.  Essential support and training are available.
This system is comprised of two main sections:
Pre-Earnings:  Analyzes stocks that have an earnings announcement after today’s market close or before tomorrow’s market open. 
Large Fund:  Analyzes thousands of stocks from the general pool on US exchanges.
We are currently offering a 30 minute presentation at your office to provide more facts and realities produced by our system and are willing to answer any questions.  We are also offering a 1 hour live demonstration at your office during the 3pm to 4pm last hour of the market where the results can be viewed and then observed the following trading day.  This will allow you to evaluate our system in a very efficient way.    Please contact us to set up a meeting.   Following any meetings we have, we can negotiate a daily observance period for you to track real time results.
What does it look for?
This system advises us using a highly sensitive grading system on a stock’s fundamentals, technicals, psychologicals, upgrades, downgrades, historical behavior, guidance, earnings reports, news, opening range analysis, volume, liquidity, target entry and exit and much much more.  It even analyzes the indices and their movement and momentum as well.

The grading system is just like having several analizers with PHD's giving their opinion on a specific part of the scans of each stock.  It manages risk by giving grades to the analysts themselves.